that giddy, endorphine-filled feeling you get when you beat the final boss in that game you’ve been committed to for weeks? I get that from writing badass marketing copy that fits in a tweet.


 ...and because (honestly?) 90% of the time I hate how most companies talk to people.


You know...

I tell stories 

Content Creation & Management.

Putting big ideas in small spaces and helping giving small startups big voices.

Less BS, more authenticity

Brand & Tone Of Voice.

Helping awesome companies cut through the noise to spread the word.

Let's build a community

Social Media & Digital Marketing.

Mindful marketing & the power of digital communities is at the heart of everything I do.


“When she says she'll do something, she gets it done, usually by over-delivering as well. In Ebay-speak: "A++++ will hire again!” 

—  CMO, Fuse Tools