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Write. Write every day. No matter what.

Firstly, small update: My application to register as my own business was accepted today! I am officially a legal business owner y’all.

There was something so thrilling about receiving the “Welcome new business owner!” email and I want to shout out to whoever writes the English copy for the business owner portal in Norway ‘cus they made me feel like a rockstar today (she said, sipping tea while wearing pajamas).

BUT owning a business isn’t the same as running one and it certainly doesn’t pay the bills.

Making things happen

Plans, when done properly, are your best friend. Hell, I LOVE to plan. Within 2 days of getting engaged I had a 5 page colour-coordinated spreadsheet (even romance can be militarised, you just watch me) but telling yourself to put one foot in front of the other isn’t meaningful if you don’t actually pull up your socks and do it.

You don’t just decide to be a musician, or an artist, acrobat or writer. Even if you love that thing, talk about it all the time and occasionally sit down and do the thing.

You are what you do every day*.

I’m reminded of a fantastic tweet from Joanne Harris who, obviously, puts it better than any of us (total shoutout to her, you should give her a Follow, seriously).


Like brushing your teeth, it’s about making the habit.

So, starting last weekend that’s what I’m doing now. Ditching the “every so often...pick it up when I have time...but I promised the guys I’d play Minecraft” mentality.

But, like all good plans, it’s best to make them as concrete as possible. What do I mean “write” every day (and being aware and open to the fact this will change over time)?

Right now, for me, this means spending at least an hour every day doing one of these 3 things:

-- Draft or complete a blog post (The Journal project)

-- Working on Secret-Project-X-Doesn’t-Even-Have-A-Proper-Codename-Yet book (The Heart & Soul project)

-- Work on another writing project which will benefit my portfolio. EG. freelance work (The Career project)

By giving myself options in my plan it gives me some flexibility depending on mood. Depending on the priorities at the time it can change as well.

Plus, I’m a big believer in just “putting a step forward” no matter how big or small. As long as, in whatever way, you’re heading in the direction you want.

And those “whatever” steps can feel GREAT. Last night was the first time I sat down and actually put my book ideas on (digital) paper. All those thoughts I’ve been locking in a “for later” jar (and that love to come and play at 3am especially) were now starting, little by little, letter by letter, to take form in front of my eyes.

Having said that it’s crucial to know when you need to break away and not be hard on yourself if plans aren’t met. It’s easier to keep putting steps forward if you spend less craning your neck to look back.

*Within reason yo. No one is expecting you to acrobat your way off a desert island or whack out your oboe as your first child is being born (especially you, ladies).