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Seek people who energise and inspire you

The last couple of weeks have been...well, a bit nuts to tell you the truth. In between travelling, several big wedding appointments (planning mainly from abroad because that's just how we roll yo), Christmas planning and general faffery, new invoicing (oh Lord), sleepless nights money-worrying, hospital visiting, precious family time and working my regular gigs I feel I’ve barely had time to breath let alone write. I’m almost laughing at myself for thinking this “time away” would mean quality book writing time. But you can’t do it all.

No, seriously you can’t.


To the hard working perfectionist in you who is screaming otherwise please kindly tell them to have a shot of tequila with their reality check and leave you to it.

This should have been the optimal time to tell myself to (gracefully, like a drunk elephant with a bag of rocks) drop some things but, as if often the case, the more overwhelmed we feel the more pressures we put on ourselves to do more, more, more. I’ve felt guilty every time I’ve met an old friend for a beer or watched something on TV because “I should be writing.”, “I should be finding new freelance work”, “I should be keeping in touch better with friends and family.”

It’s at times like these (the times where you consider ditching adult life to live full time in a duvet fort listening to disney songs and filling in colouring books) that it’s even more important to surround yourself with people who energise you.

In between the aforementioned madness recently I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to meet and spend time with some fabulously awesome women who, when I think about their stories, leave me feeling so inspired and pumped full of “Fuck yeh, you go girl!” vibes.

Like hanging out with a fabulous young woman who quit her job to join the circus (literally) and has set up a website to empower others in an industry where support from peers is needed now more than ever.

Meeting the talented makeup artist who found her calling later in her career and is completely self taught. She quit her job just before her 29th birthday telling herself she’d build her own business from scratch by age 30. She did and she’s rocking it.

The successful project manager in London who is planning to start a travel blog from the perspective of behind the instagram filters. Tackling the taboos of mental health and the straight-talking realities of physical and mental journeys.

The hard working expat who, on top of learning a third language and working a demanding marketing job for a tech startup, has started a food photography course and her own brand. Purely because she loves it.

The photographer who embarked on her freelance work at age 16, who went through the thick and thin of it including redundancies and losing her apartment...and came up the other side a successful business owner with a solid reputation and even more passion for her trade.

There is nothing special about these women. I mean, yes of course we are all gorgeous, wonderful and special in our own ways (someone recently told me I have an “unusual” shaped face, does that count?). What I mean is they weren’t born with this journey all mapped out. They had to really make it happen and still make it happen, even on the duvet-fort-temptation days. Even when the money runs out. Even when people tell you to quit. Even when the voices in your own head tell you to quit.

Spending time with people who are pushing through all of that and who also give the time to encourage and elevate others around them...eurgh y'all I can't handle the goodness here.

These are the people we should look towards and they’re easy to find once you start looking for them and asking.

The energy we surround ourselves with is the energy we end up soaking up and sharing. Like big mushy universe energy sponges.

So today I used this sponged up energy to push through some solid amounts of work that had been eating at the edges of my mind the last few days. Girl power playlist on loud and full on positive focus mode.

Leaving me time now to have a glass (or 3) of wine, snuggle up for some guilt-free TV and maybe even have a little cry because this mushy sponge goddamn just needs to sometimes.