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Passion project game changers: The power of a conversation

Feelin’ the positive vibes yo. Let’s keep spreading them!

The last couple of weeks have been quite the whirlwind (yes, including to the edge of a little burnout) and I’m being reminded that, within the levels or reason and sanity, the busier you are the busier you can get. My days sometimes feel jam-packed but the steady rhythm keeps me moving and my head in focus...where I need it to be!

I’m now dedicating all of my “day job” time to Lunette (love, love, love) which, OK yes I admit takes up some of my evening headspace as well. I’ve got in to a better rhythm with my blog too, writing with a dedicated evening a week and a dedicated “don’t worry about it for the rest of the week” mindset.

After taking a step back in the New Year and allowing myself to focus more on values-based energy dedication, I’m feeling a lot better about writing and, dare I say, general adult life stuff.

The accidental passion project that grew

I somehow managed to find myself pursuing a little side project, researching how co-working spaces in Oslo facilitate (if at all) bringing in more women entrepreneurs and freelancers. I say “somehow” because how I even got here feels a bit unclear and just seemed to be born out of a curious passing thought that then spiralled in to “I’m going to pursue this ‘cus why the fuck shouldn’t I?.”

I thought maybe I would learn something about the working culture in Oslo, maybe discover some new trendy workspaces or even push someone to set up their own. (I’ll write more about this in the future when I’ve had the chance to put it all together!).

What I didn’t expect was to be thrown in to a network of fantastic women who would go out of their way to give me their time and leave me feeling inspired and full of positive energy...just from a conversation.

I mean, I’m not a journalist or a researcher...or even someone with a plan of what I want to do with these conversations yet. But I’m learning that the value of reaching out to people about a topic you care about might come in ways that surprise you.

Last week I got to meet a role model and all around badass female entrepreneur leader who sat with me for nearly 3 hours in a busy coffee shop discussing how important this is for society as a whole and how she got to where she is today. We also talked about expat life in Oslo, plans for my book and the coincidence of our passion topics of “what I’d want to tell my daughter”.

Today I met with the CEO of Toyen Startup Village who spoke with such openness and enthusiasm for running a values based business and how the stories we tell and the culture we facilitate makes for a better society.

What I remember most about these conversations was the passion and energy in their eyes when they spoke to me about this. It’s the kind of energy that latches on to others around them and spreads in to something bigger, like a culture. A culture of values, inclusivity and a support system.

The power of a conversation

It’s got me thinking, even on a much smaller scale, what power conversations can have for people.

It reminded me of the discussions I’ve had with other aspiring (or published) authors on Instagram, sharing tips or just words of encouragement. How it has often got me through those final few hundred words of a chapter.

Or all the stories I’ve heard recently of women breaking the mould and pursuing their ambitions, even with the odds against them.

The strong, selfless, mentors in my career, the never ending source of wise words from my mum over an impromptu phone call or the hearty discussions over a glass (or 4) of wine with friends.

Since starting this blog and talking openly about my journey I’ve also had people come to me saying it has given them that little extra push to to pursue their own passion projects.

I cannot BEGIN to tell you how much this means to me.

There have been so many times when someone has said something to me and, maybe completely unbeknownst to them, has become a game changer in my life. Being able to put those vibes back out into the universe is all I want to do. With my writing, day job and this working space project.

We live in a time where success is often measured by the finished product alone, in a world seen through a filtered social media lense where you have to have something meaningful to say. Something final. Something complete.

But I’m learning now that the real value can come from the part where you haven’t made up your mind yet. When you’re willing to just reach out and share your thoughts and passions with others and be open to share in theirs. Not aiming for a definitive end product but to be part of an overall positive movement where everyone feels like they can pursue more of what their heart tells them to.