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Get to know me: 22 Questions

Full name:

Ruth Elizabeth Alflat


1990 (level 10 millennial) in Sheffield, South Yorkshire UK

Currently living location:

Oslo, Norway

The beers are pricey and it’s a dark and icy most of the year but gosh darn it’s a great country.

Educational background:

Psychology, with a post-grad in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Current job:

Freelance digital marketer and copywriter, specialising in Social Media.

3 fears:

My bank account, feeling like I’ve not achieved what I wanted and praying mantis’s..mantid...mantii(?)

3 loves:

A proper cup of tea, quality time with good friends and warm summer evenings.

Last song I listened to:

My wedding playlist (and nearly crying in public listening to it because I’m such a sap).


The reason I started blogging:

To keep myself grounded in my goals.

3 things that upset me:

Unethical business practices, mess and not being able to convince my friends what awesome women they are!

Someone I miss:

Friends and family back in England

Someone I love:

My Even.

Something I’m really terrible at:

Not setting things on fire in the kitchen

What I do in my free time: Writing, cleaning, planning and watching documentaries

Favourite food:

Tapas, vegetarian/vegan food and ALL THE CRISPS.

Tattoos and piercings:

5 tattoos but piercings don’t like me

My pets:

Bella and Lilly

Something that’s constantly on my mind:

Work and projects, always feeling I could be doing more!

My goals:

Finnish my book, work for more companies that have the goal of helping people, make more positive impacts in the world and set a good example to my future kids.

3 things I’m really proud of:

Working my butt off to make a life that I’m proud of in a new country (twice!), succeed in an industry that I’m still relatively new in and coming out of financially tricky times.

3 facts that might surprise people who have met me: -- I am terrified of roller coasters and I really struggle watching horror films.

-- I say I love tea...but I really just mean regular British black tea. I feel a whole load of Meh about all that fruity, fancy stuff.

-- I was late learning to read! I had no motivation and just wanted to sit and school and sing songs all day (true story). Now writing and books are such a huge part of my life.

3 of my favourite lessons learned in the last few years:

-- You don’t ever really know how things are going to turn out! And they often turn out how they are supposed to (no matter how much your anxiety warns you otherwise). -- Menstrual cups are a game changer, for realz.

-- Life is too short for satelite friends you’re not really diggin’, forcing yourself to do activities you don’t enjoy and having to be anything other than totally yourself.

It's been nice to e-meet you! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more snaps and behind the scenes of my little world.