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The story of You and Me. A long distance love poem.

I'm back and WE DID IT! We got hitched, had the BEST day with our favourite people, ran away to Italy to eat and drink ALL the pasta and wine and generally now living on married cloud nine even between checking the credit card bills, cleaning out the cat litter box and diving back in to daily life with the usual dash of adult-life angst.

I'll write full posts on the wedding and honeymoon recaps ('cus who doesn't love nosying at other people's wedding albums amiright?) but wanted to share a small but meaningful part of our day with you now.

A little more context: My now husband, Even, was at some point the One Who Got Away. When we met at Manchester University the timing wasn't right and nothing came of it except the knowledge that I would look back as an old old grey lady and, at times, think "What If?"

With literal oceans between us it seems impossible to imagine pursuing a relationship with someone. So we stopped imagining and took the jump to just go and do it instead.

Long distance relationships are a special kind of difficult that is so hard to describe to those who've never done it (and I wouldn't wish it on anyone). Every day is a series of mini heart breaks induced by Skype calls forever losing signal, constantly counting down the weeks until you can just goddam hug them again and a distracted loneliness that exhausts every part of you.

Those gut-wrenching goodbyes at airports not knowing when we would see each other again, trying to take in every detail of their face, hands and how they look when they laugh. What it feels like to be around them that photos and calls can never replace.

I'm sat here now with tears in my eyes, not just because it's still sad to think about, but because I am so happy that today, like so many others, Even will come home from work and I get to put my arms around him (and watch Netflix together, laugh at the cats and do all the things we'll never be ungrateful for).

I will still become that same old old grey lady, looking back and thinking "What If?" except now I'll have my answer sat right next to me in the home that we built together.

Let's get married!

It's pretty traditional at weddings for the bride and groom to spend the previous night apart and not see each other again until the bride walks down the aisle to her waiting groom. But, quite frankly, we are SO done waiting to see each other. Every day is a gift to share with one another, especially this one. We wanted to walk in to this next chapter exactly how we wanted to be, side by side and hand in hand.

Before walking in and seeing everyone (still getting goosebumps thinking about that moment) our good friend Chrissy read out a poem to all the guests as a reminder of what brought us here. We had chosen Luminous by Max Richter as the music.

Here's the poem, written by me and dedicated to us:

The story of You and Me.

To share this with those we love, we’re happy as can be.

Choices, distance and years in the making, It’s the story of You and Me.

Taken with a smile, potentials shared in a glance

The One that got away

became the ones who took the chance.

We met under glass ceilings and big clocks.

On airport escalators,

that never moved quite fast enough.

The path, often trying and regularly unclear, But goals always shared

To be ourselves, to be earnest, to be near.

What started as butterflies and leaps of faith

became so much more,

our hearts took flight and landed in this place.

Now my breath is taken in our everyday

The privilege of hearing

“I’m nearly home. I’m on my way.”

No waiting, no longing, by your side I will be

Today too, as we write this new chapter

in the story of You and Me.

Photo by Captured Life Photography